RELEASED: May 13, 2011
ARTIST: OCO - Harmonic Sound Travel
LABEL: OCO Records
OCO – Harmonic Sound Travel

A beautiful sound journey, evoking ancient xamanic sounds from the depths of humanity and guiding the listeners on a musical and ritual voyage. The wide soundscapes, floating atmospheres and resonant themes reveal profound emotions and high vibes.

Alban Hall – Voice, Flutes and Didgeridoo
Jorge Machado – Drums and Percussions
Pedro Soares – Overtone Singing, Didgeridoo, Monochord and Bowls
Rui Martins – Sitar, Shruti Box and Sansula
Ruben Branco – Didgeridoo
Miguel Angelo – Voice, Didgeridoo and Jew´s Harp

Instruments: Voice, Overtone Singing, Sitar, Didjeridoos, Tempura, Shruti Box, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Bells, Flutes, Kalimbas, Monocord, Jews Harp, Gongs, Water Drums, Dununs, Udu Drum, Frame Drums, Darbuka and Small Percussions.

OCO debut album released on May 2011
All tracks written and produced by OCO.
Editing and mastering by Dominique and Ary at Toolateman Studios.

© 2021 Pedro Soares