Sound Journeys

A profound and powerful experience of healing sound and vibration. Lie down and relax as your mind experiences a heightened and relaxed state of awareness

Pedro Soares Sound Journeys are designed to harmonize the mind, body and spirit, expand consciousness and relax the nervous system.

Sound Journeys are inner journeys guided by numerous instruments, all with varying frequencies and vibrations resonating with different parts of the body. These tones can lead you into a state of total relaxation in which healing and connection to a higher consciousness can take place.

Participants will lie comfortably on mats on the floor, while Pedro Soares play a variety of acoustic instruments. Ambient soundscapes are then created through the specific use of the instruments and voice. It is essentially an intuitive, shamanic process, requiring a deep sensitivity for what is needed in the moment.  The instruments, including Didgeridoo, Overtone Singing, Shruti Box, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Native American Flute,  Kalimba, Monochord and Tampura are placed in the center of the circle to transmite pure acoustic sounds.

The only requirement to receive it’s gift is that the listener remains present to the sound and receptive to it’s power and follows wherever it leads.

If you wish to co-create an Sound Journey at your class, venue, retreat or workshop please write us bellow for more infos.

Rates and fees:

Pedro Soares Sound Journey at your venue, retreat, workshop or class – 200€  

The Sound Journey will normally be around 2 hours.

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