Overtone Singing Workshop

A group or one-to-one workshop of overtone singing is a great way to open your voice and a fun and educational way to learn about this ancient, shamanic and fascinating art of singing non verbal language.

In this overtone singing workshop, we will try to find our natural sound, breathing from the diaphragm, creating the mouth shapes for overtone singing, expanded listening and finally, hearing our own overtones clearly.

The voice, mouth, lips, teeth, jaw, throat, tongue, lungs and diaphragm can all be used in a subtle and complex way that will allow you to produce these wonderful sounds. It is like a celestial sound, ethereal and flute-like harmonic chant.

These techniques:

  • Need no prior experience and no musical ‘ability’
  • Can allow musical expression free from judgment
  • Help singer and listener alike to enter deep states of meditative calm and connection to their own nature
  • Facilitate personal journeying and transformation
  • Teach non verbal language

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who has ever wanted to overtone or throat sing
  • Anyone fascinated by Mongolian or Tuvan musicians singing voices
  • Those wishing to use overtone singing for healing or therapy
  • Anyone who wants to use their singing voice but has been told they cannot sing.


  • Group Workshop 6H – 50€
  • One-on-one Class 2h – 30€

If you wish to book a class or organize an workshop, please write us on the form bellow.

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