Yoga Sound Flow

Often times we arrive to the mat with a brain full of to-do lists or overactive imagination. Acoustic live sound can be used to help clear the mind and prepare it for a more restful and deep yoga class. 

Crystal and Singing Bowls, Didgeridoo, Tanpura and Overtone Singing in particular are a great way of “flossing the brain” as leaving yogis clear-headed. This can be especially beneficial before a fast-paced Vinyasa class, where high levels of focus are needed.  

In a Yoga Sound Flow session, Pedro uses specially tuned, high-quality meditative instruments to create an immersive, sensory concert of sound and vibration for a deep physical rest, balanced nervous system, and a sustained mental calm. 

At the end of the class, this pure sounds and Savasana provides an incredibly deep final resting experience, so much so that yogis will practically float out of the room.

If you wish to co-create an Yoga Sound Flow at your class or venue, please write us bellow.  

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